Integration and IT Development

Integrations and development go hand in hand; IT development concentrates on identifying operational needs or problems and offering a data-driven solution. Application integration can be one remedy.

  • API & Integration Strategy: You will discuss your digital strategy with one of our expert integration consultants, who will also demonstrate how it can be integrated with your overall business needs.
  • We provide software integration services with a focus on enhancing IT infrastructure and developing new business Application values. We provide integration of software solutions, custom programming, and ready-made and customized APIs. We make system improvements and develop frictionless connections between your applications.
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JTM Can Help Your Business

System Integration Consulting:

  • JTM is a system integration company that offers IT consulting services to businesses who need to link several subsystems into a reliable system. You can connect with our consultants to learn the most effective strategy to accomplish that.

Service-Oriented Architecture:

  • Align your company's IT environment with your business goals. We offer services and products based on service-oriented architecture, which has numerous advantages for your business, including improved information flow, configuration flexibility, the capacity to create new features fast, advanced integration abilities, and many more.

Data Migration:

  • We work with businesses to manage their data across many databases and data sources to increase the consistency and quality of the information they provide. Additionally, we create cutting-edge data warehousing solutions and update your present DWH systems in accordance with evolving business requirements and user requirements.

API Connection:

  • Utilize API integration services to synchronize various systems. For a variety of corporate applications and services, we provide custom API creation and ready-made solution integration for a more effective workflow and increased productivity. We are experts in REST, JSON, XML, and SOAP.

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